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What file formats will my i360 MP3 Player play?
Music files must be in MP3 or WMA format to play on the i360 MP3 Player. You can convert files into those formats using a program like iTunes. If your music doesn’t play, but the files show up on the i360 MP3 Player, they are likely in a different format, like AAC.


How do I add music to my i360 MP3 Player?
You must use a computer to add music or audio files to your i360 MP3 Player. When you connect it

via the USB clip, the i360 MP3 Player will display as an external flash drive. On a PC, select

“Removable storage device” from My Computer. On a Mac, it will appear on the desktop once

connected. You can drag and drop the music files from your computer into the i360 MP3 Player

window and they will transfer. Once complete, you can unplug the USB clip and use your i360 MP3



How do I delete songs from my i360 MP3 Player?
Connect the i360 MP3 Player to your computer. From the i360 MP3 Player folder, drag the songs or files you want to delete to the Recycle Bin (PC) or Trash (Mac). Then, empty the Recycle Bin. If you do not empty the Recycle Bin, the songs will not appear on the i360 MP3 Player, but they will still take up storage space on the i360 MP3 Player until you empty the Recycle Bin to delete them permanently.


How do I turn the i360 MP3 Player on or off?
To turn the i360 MP3 Player on or off, press and hold the ►║ button down for 4 seconds.


How do I get to a song that I want to hear?
You can fast-forward through your song list by clicking on the |<< or >>| button until you get to the song you want to hear. Click once for next or previous, long press for Fast Forward or Fast Backward.


How do I adjust the volume?
The volume buttons are on the side of the i360 MP3 Player. Press the + button to increase the volume, and the – button to lower the volume.


How do I charge my i360 MP3 Player?
Simply connect the i360 MP3 Player to a computer via the USB clip to recharge. If you’re using a laptop to recharge, we recommend plugging the laptop into a wall outlet. Following a swim, ensure the player has fully dried before connecting the USB clip, dry with a towel and allow it to air dry in a ventilated area for about 10 hours. Do not re-charge it directly after a swim.


How do I know my MP3 Player is charging?
When connected to the USB clip, the green light starts to flash. When the light is solid green, your MP3 player will be fully charged. It will take approximately 3-4 hours for a full charge.


Why doesn’t my i360 MP3 Player turn on?
There are a few reasons why this might be happening:

1. Is the battery charged? Connect the i360 MP3 Player to a computer via the USB clip to charge.

2. Make sure your music is in either MP3 or WMA format. The player will not work if your music is in formats other than MP3 or WMA.


Why doesn’t my computer recognize my i360 MP3 Player?
There are a few reasons why this might be happening. Try the following:

1. Make sure the USB clip is plugged in all the way.

2. Make sure the i360 MP3 Player is plugged into the computer’s USB port and not to a keyboard or USB hub.

3. If you’re using a laptop, make sure the laptop is plugged into a wall outlet.

4. You could have a bad USB port. Try using a different USB port, a different computer, or restart your computer to check.

5. The charging contacts may get dirty, try using a toothbrush and clean water or cotton buds dipped in alcohol to clean the charging contacts, don't use a knife.

6. If there is no response after connecting the USB clip to the computer, disconnect, ensure the MP3 light is off for about 3-5 seconds, then connect again. The second connection will often fix a problem.

7. The player can be re-set by holding down the play button for 20 seconds.


I put music on my i360 MP3 Player, but nothing happens when I press play?
Make sure the music on your i360 MP3 Player is in MP3 or WMA format rather than AAC (iTunes) or another format. Also check there are no damaged/corrupt files or artwork files. Only MP3 or WMA  files should be on the player, if other file types are loaded this will stop the player from working. Make sure you transfer songs across rather than songs within an album file. 


How do I convert iTunes files to MP3 format?
1. Open iTunes Preferences. Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences.

Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences.

2. Click the General button, then click the Import Settings button in the lower section of the window.

3. From the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the encoding format that you want to convert the song to (MP3 Encoder). To save the settings, click OK.

4. Select one or more songs in your library that you want to convert.

5. Choose File > Create New Version, then Create MP3 Version. New song files appear in your library next to the original files.

More help here for converting to MP3:

Why has a speaker gone quiet when I have used it in the swimming pool?
The volume may become quiet when swimming, this is due to a thin film of water which covers the waterproof net on the speaker. Take off the waterproof earbuds, blow off the water film. Squeeze the earbuds to let the water come out. Put the MP3 Player in a dry place for up to 10 hours to air dry. After this time the volume will be normal. We recommend putting the MP3 Player on before getting wet, as this will seal the earbuds better stopping water from entering inside the ear canal like an earplug. Make sure you are wearing the correct size ear buds - Try the different sizes out before getting in to the water! 


Why are songs playing in the wrong order?
Check shuffle mode is off – if the light is flashing when playing, shuffle mode is on. To switch off shuffle mode, press >||, then press I<<, the player will then be in normal play mode. If you require files to play in a particular order, for example audio books, you can do this by prefixing

the mp3 tag title with 01, 02, 03 etc. Free software is available to do this, such as mp3tag:


The player has frozen and will not respond, the buttons are not working and I can’t turn it on or off, what should I do?
1. Reset the player by a long press of the play/pause button, hold down for 10-20 seconds.

2. Discharge the player and recharge again.

3. Allow it to air dry for 1-2 days and then recharge (after swimming, put the player in a ventilated place).


How do I maintain the player in good working order?
1. After swimming, take off the waterproof earbuds, blow off the water film and squeeze the

earbuds to let the water out. Dry the player with a towel and put it in a ventilated area to fully dry –

about 10 hours.

2. Only charge the player once it is fully dry, do not charge immediately after a swim.

3. If the player has not been used for a while and it is not recognised by the computer, try to clean

the gold pins on the MP3 player with a toothbrush and clean water or using cotton buds dipped

in alcohol.


Can we use the MP3 Player in the sea?
Yes, but please ensure the item is washed with clean water afterwards to stop the salt water from crystallizing inside the earbuds which may cause the sound to be muffled.


Bluetooth Pairing 
Turn on the player with the Play button, to switch between MP3 and Bluetooth, double click the play button (quick double click), you should hear a voice saying either Bluetooth or MP3 depending which you are clicking to.

If Bluetooth mode is on, but the player is not connected to the Bluetooth device, then you will hear 'pairing' and the light will flash green and red. Double click the play button (quick double click) to switch to MP3 mode, then it should play.

If you want to use Bluetooth, you will need to reconnect to the Bluetooth device, i.e. turn the Bluetooth function on the device to 'on', search and choose "i360 Black Edition". You should hear voice saying Bluetooth is connected.

Pressing the play button will pause the player if playing, or long press (4 seconds) will switch the player off.