'Best waterproof headphones' - Techradar

Another great review by Techradar who placed i360 Waterproof Headphones 3rd in their Top 5!

Techradar wrote:

The great thing about the i360 SwiMP3 player is that, much like the Exeze WMR, it can be used either on land for running or in the water for swimming – this is more than just a pair of waterproof headphones.

A number of different sized and shaped earbuds are provided (the longer ones for swimming, the shorter ones for land use) and there’s a robust Bulldog style clip for charging the device. The flexible plastic cable wraps around the back of your head with the two black control units lying over the top of each ear. 

Underwater, sound quality is much better than we expected using the longer earbuds, although the i360 had to be fastened securely under a cap and goggles to ensure it stays in place. The device’s volume also has to be turned up a lot higher than on land.

One small problem is that the buttons on the top and bottom of one of the control units are very small which makes it difficult to use the fast forward, rewind and play/pause functions during swimming. 


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